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TranslatorPub WANTS YOU! Volunteer Translator Program!
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In order to increase our service to a broader audience, we are currently looking for volunteer translators to work with us on translating our newsletters, news, updates, etc.

This is a volunteer position and will not be paid, but we will be putting your name into a special section in the top menu under “volunteer translators”, where you´ll be shown together with other volunteer translators. You have the chance to provide a short intro about you and your services along with your picture.

You will also be granted a full membership at TranslatorPub.com during your volunteering time!
Right now are we looking for the following language pairings:

English to Spanish (European)
English to German (Germany)
English to Chinese (Simplified)

If you are interested in joining our “volunteer translator program”, then please send your application to info@translatorpub.com!

Translatorpub.com is happy to welcome you soon in our team!
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