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Founded in 2001, with over 15 years of experience, Wagner Consulting is a leading, reputed and a trusted multilingual service company as well as media agency. Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with accurate, professional, and authentic services at affordable prices in the fastest turnaround time.

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Wagner Consulting LLC
Establecido: 2007
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Translation and Interpretation Agency
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United States
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Titulo de articulo: Freelancer – Becoming a Successful Freelance Translator Or Interpreter
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Working as a freelancer is a challenging but rewarding concept that many skilled persons in IT, language experts and others adapt as an option of being a full time employer at a firm.

The freelancer concept brings the idea to have a profitable income produced only from one employer, spreading the services to several employers, also brings the idea of freedom and the comfort of working from home and remotely.

However, behind this attractive ideation is the biggest misconception, making you believe that is just to sit there in front a computer, click a few buttons and wait for several proposals coming in soon. This is a big mistake and leads to many freelancers fail, resulting in potential employers block your account with them and ultimately closing great opportunity for you. Actually, you need to work really hard developing strategies to be a sucessful freelancer and finally get stable in this field.

The translation and interpreting business accepts always new talents, but having a crash jump into the market can be horrifying, both for you and your employer. Nowadays translator and interpreters alike are not just manually working on texts, but have to respect and adapt to project flow set out in industry standards and more specifically in company policies.

But how can you get started and make sure that you become a team member of a Language Service Provider (“LSP”)?
There are indeed a few steps that you can undertake to make you more attractive to potential employers, helping you to find work and be accepted into their database.
Make an outstanding first impression by keeping your resume and Linkedin updated and polished.

Include a summary and most important skills and references. Highlight relevant work experience, but keep in mind to avoid unnecessary information that makes the reader waste their time.

Keep your Education going; keep learning and exploring new fields of knowledge! This will open your possibilities and make you available for a wider range of expertise fields.
Follow up with your employer and show him you are available for work, some employers just need a friendly reminder from time to time, making sure they don´t forget about you.

Build loyal relationships! Treat your employer special, focusing on building up long term relatonships instead of focusing just in short superficial work;
Network with collegues; Start Coworking with some partners, you can share experiences and improve your skills instead to be a lonely freelancer, this can make your rotine more fun and productive.

See yourself as a team member, participate in trainings offered by the employer, participate in their events or social media campaigns.

Most importantly: make yourself familiar with their working lifecycle, adapt it and deliver quality! If you mess something up, which always happes as after all we are humans, be there to fix it and help your employer in solving queries and issues.

At Wagner we are always interested to find new talent, that we train and get ready to join our language industry experts as a translator, interpreter, DTP expert or many other challeging and rewarding positions.

At Wagner Consulting we aim to build loyal and solid relationships with our partners; while expecting a proactive attitude, professional engagement, and a constant professional growth through education and trainings.

Wagner Consulting is one of the best online translation agencies that provides professional Translation, Globalization & Localization services to a large local and foreign customer base. Our production divisions such as our translation and interpreting teams translate and interpret into and from, but not limited to languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian several million words from Bioscience a year.

Should you want to learn more about Wagner, please visit our website and the career page.

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