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Having a degree in linguistics/translating, I provide a fast, accurate and flexible translating service.
I translate Websites and documents referring to business, finance, marketing, tourism, literature, IT, cinema, food industry, fashion, music industry and politics, as well as certificates, diplomas and personal correspondence.
I also proofread English to Russian translations.
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Article Title: German to English translation of an Employment Contract
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for the position of a research assistant with a University degree is concluded between the State of Baden-Württemberg, represented by the University of XXX
Mr XX___________________________, born dd/mm/yyyy

§ 1. The research assistant shall be hired for a period from dd/mm/yyyy till dd/mm/yyyy , as a salaried employee not covered by collective wage agreements, on condition that he provides evidence of a valid residence permit if the Foreign Nationals Act is applicable in his case
by the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering –VEGAS-____________Institute № 021400
§ 2. The duration of the employment is limited according to the terms of the German Higher Education Framework Act as it appears in the official publication thereof, dated 19/01/99, amended by Act № 5 of the Revision of the German Higher Education Framework Act of 16/02/02 (§§ 57 subparagraphs a to f of the German Higher Education Framework Act in its amended version). The research assistant undertakes to provide assistance in scientific work. The research assistant is under an obligation to comply with official instructions.
§ 3. The working hours (excluding breaks) are XX hours per month.
§ 4. The pay per hour amounts to XX Euros
Only work actually carried out will be paid for. The salary will be calculated for each calendar month and will be transferred to the research assistant’s bank account on the 15th of every month.
§ 5. The Employment Contract is terminated without notice upon its expiry, according to the dates stated in § 1. The Employment Contract may be however terminated with one month’s notice at the end of any calendar month. This does not affect the possibility of extraordinary notice of termination (§ 626 of German Civil Code (“Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch”)). Termination of contract must be by a written document.
§ 6. With regard to general working conditions, §§ 7-10, 14 and 70 of the German Federal Collective Agreement for Public Employees (“Budesangestelltentarifvertrag”) shall apply mutatis mutandis.
This contract does not constitute an obligation to employ the party to the contract under the German Federal Collective Agreement for Public Employees or an obligation for entering into an employment contract with civil servants. The research assistant is under an obligation to comply with official instructions.
§ 7. Holidays will be granted in compliance with the Federal Holiday Benefits Act of 08/01/1963 (Federal Law Gazette (“Bundesgesetzblatt”) Volume I, p. 2) in the version applicable at the time. Holidays should be taken during non-lecture periods.
§ 8. For granting a special allowance, the regulations of the Law relating to granting a special annual allowance to civil officers and old age beneficiaries of the state shall be applicable in the currently effective version. The same is true for redemption commitment in case of early resignation.
§9. In order to undertake additional work, the research assistant will have to obtain the permission of the administrative headquarters. The regulations of the state relating to the additional work shall apply mutatis mutandis.
§10. This employment relationship, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, is regulated in accordance with legal clauses. If the research assistant’s inability to work is due to circumstances caused by a third party, the research assistant must transfer his claim for compensation for this inability during the length of continued payment to the State of Baden-Württemberg, represented by the University of Stuttgart.
§11. Amendments and additions, as well as subsidiary agreements, particularly an extension to this contract, are not effective unless they are in written form.

Stuttgart, date

University of XXXX, Administrative Headquarters

X.X. (signature)

Research assistant
X.X. (signature)

1. A copy for the Personnel Department (please send back)
2. A copy for the Institute
3. A copy for the research assistant.
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