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Article Title: Can the financial crisis overcome the translator or interpreter?
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Nowadays many people have suffered from the financial crisis and they are despair and they don't know how to improve their financial situation. This article helps the translator or interpreter to find the way how to earn in difficult times.

Thus, your salary has been reduced or you have been fired. What should you do? Can the translator find himself overboard and will he be able to be without a job?

Let's look through the newspapers. Are there any ads for the vacancy «Translator or Interpreter»? If this vacancy is presented I congratulate with you. You have a chance to find the job. But if the salary's size is not suitable for him or he has not found ads in his specialization? Need he agree with such a salary? Need he go for work which doesn't make him such a tremble as his favorite work? Of course, if you have financial problems and you don't want to bear with such variants, then there are several days where the translator/interpreter can find the job.

Firstly, you can submit your ad in the newspaper or on Internet and inform that you provide the translation services. Look through the ads where these services are provided and compose your personal ad. Then you only need give it to the editorial office or to the advertising manager or on the appropriate websites of Internet.

Before you give/submit the advertisement you should get know which prices exist for translation services. It can perform so: call the people who provide the similar services and ask about their rates for the translation. It'd better if you choose the average rates.

The second way, which the translator/interpreter can choose, is tutoring and teaching. Despite the financial crisis the education is an important factor for each man and many people would like to learn the other languages as long as many employers require the knowledge of foreign language or people do business with the foreign partners and the knowledge of foreign language is obligatory for them.

The next variant for the translator is to make the translations. You should find the project markets for the translator on Internet. For example, Russian marketplaces —, The rates for the translations start from 2 dollars for 1000-1800 characters. You can find a lot of foreign specialized translators' portals on Internet. You can get know a lot about your profession, about freelance systems, find answers for the disputable questions there. Many foreign translators share their opinions and experience with the other members — translators of these portals. You also can chat and discuss the most actual subjects. The other translators can help with the translation of any word or phrase in which you doubt and don't know how to translate correctly. You can find the customer for the translation (in the person of translation agency or individual) on these sites. The usual translation from Russian into English and vice versa costs from 0,05 per word. The number of the projects pages is from 100 pages and more. As soon as you answer the proposal for the translation the customer will contact with you if he is interested in your services. Then you should fix your term of the project performance and your rates. Thus, you will have to sweat when the project is at your hands in order to do the translation in time.

These portals are usually required for the registration. There are free and paid portals, for example, Translatorscafe, Proz, but there are only paid portals such as TranslatorPub, GoFreelance, Traduguide, Transquotation. In the beginning you need complete your profile where you should point out your contact information, work experience. You should complete it that the customer finds you and decide if you are right for his project or not.

There are many other fields where the translator can apply his knowledge. They are copywriting, rewriting, composition of course and diploma work and etc. But it is impossible to list the fields in this article. Remember! The basic one is your wish to find the job and then you will find the ways how to achieve it.
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