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there u go..i m a commerce student coming from India trying to work for my own contentment and experience.i m pursuing 2nd year and just gave my entrance for chartered accountancy...i can translate English into Hindi and Telugu and vice-verse.appart from this i am ready to take any other projects if assigned to me to collect information regarding things like best colleges for masters or engineering or commerce based colleges in india,etc.ill be available to work for u.

Article Title: its all in the name of love!!
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Hey guys,did u always have a doubt if that special someone really means a lot to you??This situation is quite common for a teenager, that's the reason why teen"age" is one of the most beautiful time in a man's whole life span.During this time we experience butterflies in our tummies...those cute crushes we have on every random hot guy in our high school...those beautiful love quotes and songs we come up with.We just live a whole new world,a complete transformation from being a book worm to a movie buff.

DO u wanna know if u r in love?? then here you go lemme ask some random questions and confirm if u r in love!!
*do you keep thinking about that special one all the..??
*everything you see...everywhere you go....reminds you of him/her??
*do you blush if u remember things you have done with that special one??
*does every thing ..even the smallest of smallest thing related to him/her matters a lot to u??
*do you wait for hi/her call or text every morning??
*do you feel possessive when he talks to your friends??..or any other random good looking person??
if yes then u r in love with that person who is in your mind while u r reading all these questions!!

Some teenage love stories are romantic, and others are lessons in what not to do when you fall in love.let us see some of those teenage love stories ,how they dealt with them and what did they learn from em.but before that lemme share my own teenage love story...;)
he is my friend's friend told he looks damn hot and dat all girls go crazy for him.i started imagining that i m gonna meet brad pit in real!!...:P.The day came i went to my friends place,then she made me sit in her room and went out to see if what her brother was doing.Then there she goes she called me out and asked me to cum to the living room.I was so damn exited my heart was beating faster and faster.And when i saw him..damn he aint that hot man!!...he is just okay!!,i was a bit disappointed.Then we went out to have an ice cream.Me and my friend were talking and talking ,but he just stayed calm and was doing his own work.Yeah that was so mean ,i thought he was not impressed with my looks.BTW forgot to tell u guys i m supposed to be one of the hot looking girls in my school.after having the ice cream we i left to my home and opened Facebook..Then i saw an add request from him, i was shocked!!then i added him as my friend and v talked everyday for like 5 to 6 months...i started liking him lot and he too liked me AND that was quite obvious.Lemme tell u guys something i was so much into him that all the other guys started seem so boring and i felt it so boring to even text to them.He was my brad pit..yeah wonder why when ever i saw him i felt that he is the only hot guy in the whole world!!... that's probably cause i m way into him..later on i told him that i like him...but he was like "lets be friends for a lil while longer" stuff and all...i was broken ,i always thought he wanted to get into a relation with me..But then all of a sudden he stopped texting...he neither picked up my calls nor did he text..he very rarely replied to my texts too...i fought with my parents and went to the city where he lives...but he never turned up...he always used to come up with some lame excuses.Then i understood that i was just a a small project for him..he just tried to hit on me..after getting to know that i fell off for him he moved on....i got really pissed off and decided to move on cause i know that i look damn good..."HIS LOSSS!!!"
*be careful about when u do fall in could be hard on u if they don't like u back or like someone else...
*never let the guy know that u like him ....cause they might consider you for granted if u do so...we should be their princess ,always let them initiate

now here comes a story about one of my friend who fell in love with a guy joey.she always keeps saying that it felt like "a dream that was,real something,which she never wanted to wake up from...but that's what made it go wrong".
They met on Facebook. He asked her out and she said yes but she wasn't really up to it. She grew to love him though, and everything felt plain perfect. She knew that she never wanted to lose him. They broke up and got back together a lot...but it never felt like he didn't want her. She fell for his friend. He found out and got mad but he said he still loved her. She got over his friend soon enough but she found out joey was cheating on her. She cried for days and days, but she was too much in love to break up with him. He texted her telling me he wanted to talk, she got scared. He said he was cheating on her and they he wanted to break up with her. They don't talk anymore...but she still love's him...She recently found out he likes our ex friend Shreshta...she just couldn't deal with the pain of that...but she always wished she could be with him again...:(
*don't fall in love too fast
*love can feel like a dream but that may make it feel fake
so there you go , teenage love stories are very cute and interesting...its just a phase in our life's but never let them influence some of the big and important decisions in life..just like the feeling of love...;)
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