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With a winning portfolio of Arabic translations of educational materials, telecommunications, mobile phone user guides, and localization of software applications and web pages, I offer my 9 year experience to quality-oriented clients worldwide.

A native Arabic translator and a Sun Certified Programmer too, I can handle most localization projects most effectively.

Please contact me via my Contact page with your suggested price or for a price quote.

Article Title: How to Localize Software in 3 Simple Steps
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Sisulizer Ltd has released Sisulizer, an easy-to-use Windows application that lets software developers localize their applications into multiple languages. By offering software in multiple languages, you open new markets and new revenue streams. Sisulizer lets you manage the translation and localization process, while protecting your source code from prying eyes.

Localization with Sisulizer is a simple three-step process:

First, use Sisulizer to scan the application and locate all of the text. Sisulizer works directly with C++ Builder, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, or Windows binary files, along with XLIFF, .NET assemblies, and more. The program also works visually with HTML and XML. Sisulizer can also grab text from text files and databases. You determine which Windows resources you want to localize, including icons, menus, dialog boxes, strings, accelerators, versions, and manifest resources. Sisulizer also operates in the mobile world. The software supports .NET for Smart Devices, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and J2ME.

Second, translate the text with Sisulizer's visual editor. Begin the translation work yourself, and mark each phrase as translated properly, auto-translated, translated by best guess, out for review, or complete. Alternatively, you can use Sisulizer's Exchange Wizard to create and send another translator a single file that contains a self-installing Sisulizer Translation Edition, along with your project file. Your translator uses Sisulizer's built-in WYSIWYG editor for all text in your application. When your translator has completed the translation, they'll run Exchange Wizard to create a single file that is sent back to you. Your translator never has access to your source code, ensuring that your valuable source code will never be accidentally changed or intentionally shared with third parties.

Third, build the localized version. Simply run Sisulizer using the translated file, and build the new version of your program in the new language. There's no need to manually track where each text snippet belongs. Sisulizer manages the localization project, and automatically builds your new version. In addition, Sisulizer's Translation Memory feature saves time and money when you translate your next application. Sisulizer remembers all of the words and phrases that it has translated, and you have immediate access to all of these earlier translations in your next project.

Sisulizer easily handles all languages, including right-to-left and double-byte languages. The program keeps track of what has already been translated, making it fast and inexpensive for you to translate later versions of your application.
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