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Article Title: Holiday locations
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It is the time of the year where many choose to go on a holiday to take a break, rest and relax, recharge your body and soul or reward oneself for the hard works made throughout the year. I have been to several cities and interestingly, languages can be a real hassle and barrier. Listing down 3 countries which i had been and will follow up with more.

a) Vietnam - Visited the 2 main cities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.These 2 cities played different roles during the Vietnam war and there are vast cultural divides between them. The US army resided in Ho Chi Minh and therefore, you can see similarities to city in the West. Traveling around is easy as most can speak English. A must visit is the 'Cu Chi' tunnels which played a pivotal role during the war. Hanoi is basically less exposed to the West and strong elements of a Communist state can be found here. It is rather exotic place to be and not forgetting the scenery of Halong Bay, a must for all visitors to Vietnam. English is not commonly spoken and getting around can be a real challenge here.

b) Nepal - Great place for trekking and escapade from the urban city. Rafting is also a must and getting a local guide is mandatory if you want to get the best out of Nepal and understanding the local. A really exotic country to be in but English is also not commonly spoken among the locals so you will need some help in order to move around and understand the cultures.

c) China - Had been to Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and Chongqing. Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city similar to many large cities in the world and you will be familiar with it. Traveling around is not a problem. You will not find a lot about Chinese history here though. Beijing is the place to be if you want to understand Chinese culture and history. Being the Capital of China, it stores thousand of years of Chinese history, the longest civilization of human race. Beijing is also commonly known as the Cultural City. Hangzhou is renowned for its beautiful scenery and women. There is a popular Chinese saying '上有天堂,下有苏杭' meaning that there is heaven above and on Earth, the scenery in Hangzhou and Suzhou is comparable to it. However getting around can be a hassle as most people do not really speak English unlike Beijing and Shanghai so you will need to get some helps in order to move around.
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