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Referral Program

All Users: Membership Referral Rewards

One free week of membership for every three (3) month membership referral. Two free weeks of membership for every six (6) month membership referral, and a full free month of membership for every twelve (12) month membership referral!

Every time that referred user extends their membership - the reward is given again!

A referral reward occurs when the following steps take place:

1. A NEW user enters in an existing member's User Name as the "Referrer" when signing up to TranslatorPub.
2. That user then signs up for a paid membership length of either 3, 6 or 12 months (1st reward received).
3. Going forward, each time their membership is renewed, the referrer will receive a reward corresponding to their length of renewal!

Agencies: Job Posting Incentives

Every fifteen (15) jobs posted at TranslatorPub that are completed by a TranslatorPub member will result in your account receiving an extra 2 weeks of paid access. You can receive this reward for up to three (3) months of free membership a year!

A agency incentive reward occurs when the following steps take please:

1. A NEW job is posted by your agency at TranslatorPub.
2. That job is then completed by a member of TranslatorPub through our online job application system (i.e.- they sent you an application through our online job board, not private e-mail).
3. You then record them as the "Job Performer" in your job management screen for that job (they will automatically be an option if they applied to you through our system).
4. Going forward, each time the agency completes fifteen (15) jobs in this fashion, the length of paid membership is increased by two (2) weeks - for up to a total of three (3) free months in a year!

Simple, Easy and fully integrated into your workflow! We look forward to growing our community with you and hope to show you our appreciation for all your help in the process!






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