“I just renewed my membership of , as it is a very effective meeting place for translators and those in need of translation or multi-lingual copywriting. has enabled me to quickly find extra translation work during quieter times and has brought me in contact with various agencies which meanwhile have become long-term customers. In short: an invaluable tool for freelance translators and agencies alike - excellent value for money.”


“How did help you to improve your career?
A lot of agencies found me!
Did you find new clients at ? Many
How do you like and why do you think other people should sign up for it? It is an easy way to get your name out there.
What should we improve to make it even better at : Nothing
Would you sign up again with and if yes, why: Oh yes, and I have been with you for many years now.”

The Netherlands

“How did help you to improve your career?
I met a couple of new clients through TranslatorPub, and keep meeting new people everyday, which resulted in an ongoing cooperation.
Did you find new clients at ? Yes, since I joined TranslatorPub I found several new clients.
How do you like and why do you think other people should sign up for it? TranslatorPub is all about no nononsense, it is easy to use, it is clear and it guarantees results (at least for me)
What should we improve to make it even better at : The only thing what I can think of is to screen certain advertisers, there are a couple of agressive ones that keep coming back.
Would you sign up again with and if yes, why: Yes, of course, because the ease of use and the positive results.”



I just finished my studies, with a background in languages. Over many months I had not found employment even though my degree was in a good subject. To complete my studies, I had to take out very high student loans. Despite help from my family I came to a point of despair, and when my bank sent me a deadline I invested about 40 USD in becoming a member of TranslatorPub. The first few weeks were frustrating, but after a while I understood what skills advertising customers trust, and I can still not believe it, but I got my first job. Then the second, third and many more! I am now a proud member of TranslatorPub and will remain so, as in this way I was able to "save" myself from a personal crisis! Thank you for the feedback, the motivation to continue and the support even if you must despair of me. I am glad that you gave me the courage to believe in myself.


Dear TranslatorPub team, unfortunately I have to tell you about a serious problem I am having with my wife. Sadly, I no longer have much time for my wife and family, as I am really swimming in work at the moment. I have been a member of this community for 2.5 years. Whilst at the beginning I only got a few projects from you, recently the number of requests has increased dramatically. Shame on you! PS, hopefully you understand sarcasm!


As a sworn translator I can only recommend TranslatorPub. There are a few offers that are a bit below the belt (in terms of price level), but on the whole my investment has more than paid off.


I have financed my entire degree through TranslatorPub. I found a high roller on TranslatorPub! For those of you who do not know what I mean by a high roller:


Your platform is great and has brought me countless jobs!Did you find new clients at translator






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