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2001 – 2005: student at the University of Craiova, Faculty of Letters, the Translating/Interpreting Department (English and French).
2000: I also passed my baccalaureate in Romania
1992 – 1997: “Brockwood Park School”, which is an international high school in Hampshire, England. Here, I passed my First Certificate (English), GCSE (French, Physics, both for English Language and English Literature) and A-level exams (in French and English). Here, I did not only have the opportunity to study academic courses, I was also challenged to follow some non-academic classes, such as dancing - for two years (we even organised shows for the other students, staff and guests), drama (for five years), and philosophy, pottery and so on. I directed a few school concerts and plays and got involved as an actor in all school plays, such as “Macbeth”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “The Sisterhood” and so on.
1997 – 2001: I have worked as a PC operator (done invoices in FOX PRO and used MS WORD and EXCEL, ACCESS, COREL DRAW, OUTLOOK EXPRESS, and the Internet) at GALIC PROD Ltd., Craiova. I also had to compose faxes, formal letters and so on, as well as to do some translations of commercial materials, from English or French into Romanian. This was a distribution company, which covered the South-West of Romania.
From May 2006 till March 2007: I have worked as an assistant manager at an import/export company, where I had to translate many users’ manuals, as well as other papers and invoices for the Customs. I have also used the internet very much and its messenger services, in order to maintain the business collaborations between our company and its foreign partners. I had to write and fluently speak in English daily.
March 2007 till now: freelance translator. I have started collaborating with quite a few Romanian and foreign agencies (from USA, Belgium, China, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Holland, Latvia, India, the Czech Republic), as a translator as well as an interpreter. The texts I work on belong to various fields, such as: environmental (a project of over 300,000 words), commerce, technical, medical (general), constructions, general and legal. Language combinations: ROM>EN, EN>ROM, FR>EN, FR>ROM, ROM>FR. The size of the texts varied from 1 page up to even 200 pages (a project on automatics, from RO into EN) and even more. However, most of the projects were technical ones, such as various very big or small operators’ manuals: swimming pools, concrete screeding machines, kerbing and levelling machines, construction equipments, packaging equipments, house and garden electrical tools and Caterpillar machines.
I would like to add that I work with Wordfast, Trados and currently learning Deja Vu.

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