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TranslatorPub offers solutions for exotic languages is a freelance and full-time translation portal that offers access to a wide range of projects in hundreds of languages. The portal is popular all across the world, attracting both language service providers and agencies while offering them the best spot to interact with each other and align interests.

TranslatorPub has established itself as a leading portal for agencies and translators worldwide and now it counts with more than 13 thousand open job offers for professionals in the translation industry, more than 12 million job views and over 56 million notifications. In addition, the site includes testimonials of both agencies and freelancers.

The portal is the right spot when looking for exotic languages solutions due to its strong presence in practically any region of the world. TP has a huge list of freelance translators registered as part of the community as well as hundreds of visitors every day.

Aside from jobs offers in the most common language pairs, the site displays numerous job offers in exotic languages such as Burmese, Twi, Swahili, Punjabi and many more, which shows how many employers and agencies trust the translators of the TP community.

By posting their job offers in, agencies and employers gain great exposure. They just have to state crucial information like the source language and target language, the detail job description, deadline and CAT tools if needed, among other specific details.

The advantage of using TP is that agencies can find many translator prospects, who are experts in exotic languages and align with the inquiries and goals of the project. Most of these translators are native speakers who have been many years in the industry and they are available seven days a week or will state their exact availability.

Besides, the contact is directly made between the individual/agency posting the job offer and the freelancer. Direct negotiations are often better so that there are no missing points and the employers can ask for previous works with exotic languages before choosing whom to work with.

About TranslatorPub

TranslatorPub is the platform where employers and freelancers are brought together to help each reap the desired benefits. Introducing new business prospects, TranslatorPub focuses on the matters of translators and strengthens the relations between organizations and individuals.

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